Acharya Homes


Acharya Performance Homes was founded to offer green home products and services to clients who are committed to vital living and who value the offering. Our mission is to provide results thru education, awareness, creativity, products and processes to build beautiful, healthy and high tech homes and lifestyles.

Born from a commitment to support the optimal home living conditions for the mind, body, spirit to flourish by reducing the various stresses on the human nervous sytem. As a by product, we organically reduce the impact on this amazing planet and its resources which so generously gives to us.  

Acharya supports various foundations devoted to helping humanity. 


Abour our name and logo:

- Wikipedia says the term "Acharya" is most often said to include the root "char" or "charya" (conduct). Thus it literally connotes "one who teaches by conduct (example), an exemplar".
- The letter "A" for Acharya creates a shape that resembles the structure of a house representing the core of our business in creating high performance homes.
- High performance signifies the fusion of sustainability and technology thru design to create comfortable, eco-friendly and hi-tech living environments with exceptional detail.
- The larger orange section of the "A" structure represents the solidity of our structures and the connection of heaven to earth. 
- The smaller gray lef of the "A" represents the transparent spirit supporting the right conduct of man's creations.
- The "swoosh" represents the organic, dynamic and all encompassing aspects of our business. It envelopes our projects and values to living in high standard, human values and alignment with nature.